My early interest in building was inspired by my grand-father and my uncle. Both of them loved the building trades. My grandfather was a master carpenter in San Francisco, and my uncle worked as an electrical contractor and part-time home builder. On the weekends, I liked to tag along with my uncle to various job sites. He let me bolt down hardware, move lumber, and various other tasks.

     Later, I attended the Construction Contracting Program at El Camino College, and partnered with a classmate on remodeling work in the South Bay.  After graduating, we began working full-time. At first, we specialized in remodels, performing all building trades ourselves.

     Today, customers continue to partner with J. Patrick Construction and result in some of the finest single-family residences in the South Bay.  Having the experience of doing all aspects of remodeling and complete custom home building, I now want to offer to my customers the kind of quality work that my family did when I was younger.  I trust all my subcontractors and their continued commitment to a quality job.

Remember when a house could be bought for this price, in 1939? Neither do we.