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House Rendering

Architects working with J. Patrick may offer clients the option of having a 3-D rendering made of the proposed home.


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We are based in Manhattan Beach! We've been in town since 1983.

City License # 12357


California Business | Custom Home Builder | Licensed Contractor

We are approved by the Contractors State License Board (State of CA).

State License # 876240 (Incorporated in 2005)

State License # 425450 (Prior to 2005, no longer used.)


CalOSHA | Manhttan Beach Contractor | South Bay

Our work is CAL/OSHA Compliant.


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I have worked with Jay Patrick Construction for approximately 20 years. I have consistently found Jay to be forthright, honest, and a pleasure to work with. He has demonstrated a willingness to listen to his clients and to deliver a quality residence that fulfills their dreams.

- Doug Leach

Jay built our house and was very easy to work with. He is a real professional - thorough, thoughtful, and completely honest. He took time to answer qustions we had and anticipated questions we hadn’t even thought of.

His subcontractors were responsible and Jay’s estimates on money and time were right on. I’ve really appreciated Jay’s follow-up in the years since we moved in. He has continued to help out when issues arose. Jay backs up his work over the long term, and I can recommend him with complete confidence that he’ll do an excellent job!

- Judy

Dear Jay:

It has been a little over one year since we moved into our new home and Louise and I wanted to take a minute to let you know how much we appreciate what you did for us.

When we hired you as our contractor we had high expectations and many reservations this having been the first house we ever built. It did not take very long at all for us to realize what good hands we were in with you at the controls. Your pricing was on target so there were no surprises, your subs were truly the best, always prompt and professional right through the end, and most importantly for us, the job was done in a quality fashion and in the time frame that you promised.

We are not exaggerating when we say that not a week goes by when we don’t get a compliment from a neighbor or a stranger about the style and the quality of our house. Sometimes we even have to pause and think about how lucky we are to have such a wonderful home and we thank you for making the entire experience a breeze. We look forward to many years here in Manhattan Beach and are quite proud to be the owners of such a fine piece of craftsmanship.

Thank you again for your hard work, your honesty, and for a job well done.

- Sincerely, Mark and Louise

I have worked on several projects with Jay Patrick. His quality will exceed your expectations.

- Claudia Kazachinsky, CID, cek design, inc


Neighbor testimonial

- Kathy, A grateful neighbor

during a project in 2013


Thank you for the thorough and professional manner in which you helped me during the construction of our new home. Although the project was under a different Contractor and was not your responsibility, it was a tremendous help to have you take your valuable time and effort to council me with respect to the several technical and business issues I was experiencing. A very stressful situation was made manageable by the manner in which you methodically identified the current situation, logical next steps, and equitable funding options. It is a testament to your professionalism and ethics that even when under no obligation to do so, you were willing to provide me this much needed support.

There is no doubt if you had run my project it would have been done properly, efficiently and within established budgets. I clearly made a gross error in my choice of contractors and would gladly be willing to discuss the benefits of working with your company to anyone who is considering utilizing your services.